Full Rebuttal of ridiculous accusations against me

This saga is taking on Jerry Springer proportions

Marston claims I run an international child pornography network and that I actually produce pictures and movies of young boys and girls which I sell online.  This is a total fabrication and one I find particularly offensive. He went on to say that if I ‘had my infant son I would take pictures of him and sell them online’ 1 .

If these allegations had any credible basis they would have been subject to a real police investigation long ago as Marston has been peddling such stories for more than six months to anyone he thinks would listen including professional bodies like the International Justice Mission2.  I was always wondering what false evidence or fabrications he might be cooking up against me.   Now that they are out I am relieved to see what a load of easily refuted rubbish they are.

Marston claimed he did not have a chance to defend himself or present his allegations.  I reproduced ALL his previous allegations in his own words on this blog under “Allegations against Me”.   I have long urged Marston and the other false personas he has used to go directly to the police if they have any proof.  Instead he has now found Illiades.

For the sake of those who are associated with me and who do not deserve to be maligned by people such as Marston or Iliades because of this, I will respond to the allegations and libellous statements made about me on his already highly discredited webiste.

Marston and Iliades has now published his alleged evidence to support his allegations, including references to websites he claims are mine and an image of a Filipina girl in a school uniform who according to according to Marston and Illiades is under 15 years of age. The owner of the picture is barfinetocash.com who run the following porn sites:

School Girls Asia,  LBFM, Sexy Asian Ladyboys, Asian Gay Teens and others.

I contacted the site owner and requested the ‘custodian of records’ for the girl in question.  For those that don’t understand under American law 2257 all legal porn sites must maintain records of their models with photographic proof that they are at least 18 years of age.

I have done some checking.   Simple checking that Illiades could quite easily have done himself prior to publishing the false and sensational allegations if his motive was to seek the truth.


This is the picture of the so called under 15 year old he claims is mine

This is the picture of the so called under 15 year old he claims is mine

He is a closer picture of the girl Marston and Illiades claims is mine shows she is not even underage - but if they want to check the contact with her ID showing she is over 18 is below

Most people would recognise that she is much older than 14 and to me looks about 20 years old

Most people would recognise that she is much older than 14 and to me looks about 20 years old

The owner responded with the contact details of the custodian of records for this girl was from a studio called ‘Content 2 Die 4′ run by a guy called Jimmy Carter Jr.   This is the information that the owner of the content is required to keep by law and make available to authorities upon official request.

Jimmy Carter Jr.
B.1 L. 10 San Rafael Classic Homes
Blk. 14 Lot 5 Brosas St. BF Resort Village
las Pinas City


Prostock at Content2die4
232 holly road
Los Angeles, California

The owner also pointed me to this page http://www.schoolgirls-asia.com/new/preview_girls1.htm3 where you can see the girl 4 next to many other so called school girls.  On this page they give her the name Elly and an age of 18 which more than likely is false.  It would be my guess she is probably closer to 20 and like the other girls featured on the site probably has not seen the inside of a classroom for many years.  The pictures are of adult girls dressed up in school uniforms to appeal to the customers who are biased toward such material.

The next question is why they have tried to link me to this girl and website in the first place. 

I have been running a web hosting business for many years.  I host only legal website for clients and leave the definition of legal up to US law where the majority of my hosting data centers are located.  Some of my clients do have adult sites and as long as these comply with US law I host them.  Each and every site is operated within the legal requirements that are in force for US citizens and websites; even though I am neither a US Citizen or personally subject to US Laws. I comply with these regulations because it is both ethically appropriate and positive for business.

This is the case with the sties referred to on Illiades’ website, they all comply completely with US Laws.  I have been trying to think how these specific sites came to the attention of Marston and seem to recall troubleshooting a hosting issue with the ‘LBFM’ site while at the apartment of Ruby using the computer I gave her.   I think I backed up the site to the local disk before making some change and Marston would have found a back up directory with the domain names as part of the file name.

For those not familiar with the concept of hosting it’s like being the owner of an office block and having tenants.  You are not involved in the tenant’s business activities and your only concern is that they conduct legal businesses in a legal fashion 5  and pay their rent on time. 

A great deal is being made by Marston and Illiades of a photograph of a bikini clad girl on a site called http://movetophilippines.com/ . I am asked by Illiades if it is my site as I am listed as the registrant.   It is one of maybe 30 such domains related to living in the Philippines I purchased with a partner for a future project.  I purchased in advance because of the Google sandbox6 and currently it contains promotion for an eBook on living and working in the Philippines.  I am responsible for the content of that page including the placement of the bikini girl picture.

I invite people to view the site and see the picture in context of the entire site and the book being promoted which presents an honest warts and all view for foreigners thinking of moving to the Philippines.  I try to encourage them to evaluate their real motives and look beyond whatever romantic view they might have.  Neither the site nor the eBook promotes the Philippines for sex tourism and is not intended to present a derogatory image of the Philippines.

Please note that the Domain register for movetophilippines.com is Melbourne IT.   In another part of his site Illiades says that “all” my domains are registered with “Wild West Domains which is GODADDY web hosting company” yet here is one that his own site clearly shows is not. What other errors of fact does his website contain?

Illiades also has questions about the website I built and maintain for the Rotary Club of Central Mactan.    He describes it as a “foul flash featured presentation”.  My son created that animation at no charge to the club and most people have complimented him on it.  What is a measure of a good site design Iliades …your site?   To answer your question, NO, I do not charge fees and maintenance costs for the site.    

Illiades also asks why the Rotary domain http://www.rotaryclubofcentralmactan.org  has “private registration” which he describes as “meaning under bogus information and names”.  This is a totally inaccurate description of private registration.  With private registration the actual registration details do not change but the view to the public is restricted.  Anybody with authority can request to view the actual domain registration records.  Private registration is about privacy.  The general public cannot view your address details or get your phone number.  In particular your email address is private to stop spammers.  I now prefer to use Private Registration for all domain registrations I make or, as a domain name reseller, are responsible for.  If I am responsible for renewing a domain I will also add private registration.

Illiades also asks about a domain called ‘analcreampies.biz’.  This domain is also owned by a client of mine for whom I provide hosting and registration services.  He claims that “you have been alerted by the frequent visits of my IP, you smelled the rat again and you put it under private registration”.  I do not have anything to do with monitoring visits to that site, I did not know you or that you were looking into anything and I have no idea what is your IP address, even now. If you look again at when the domain registration record was last updated and became private you will see it corresponds exactly to when the domain was up for renewal.  Perhaps a little paranoia is creeping in?

As I have already explained I enable Private Registration for any domain I have the responsibility for renewing and yes, I renewed that domain for my client.  I was surprised to see on your site that the domain has my details.  I did not notice this when I renewed it in a batch with many others.   This registration originates back to the Registerfly domain registration company which ICANN deregistered a few years ago because of consumer complaints about their record keeping.  I lost domains belonging to clients because their system would not let me renew them7 and many of my domain records became corrupted.  It was a nightmare.   When they were de-registered I moved about 500 domains over to my enom account and I later transferred many of these to Godaddy.com8 . There were a few hundred domains with corrupt and often missing registration details 9 and the domain mentioned was one of them and got my account details by default.  I manually corrected most of these but there are still maybe a hundred I have not got around to fixing yet.  These are clients that trust me or otherwise leave the domain registration and renewal completely in my hands.  After this experience I will be updating this registration information immediately and not waiting for the renewals to fall due.

With regard to the posts on Paul’s ‘Living In Cebu’ blog.  As I stated already I reproduced all of Marstons’ accusations in his own words on a page here and then I asked Paul to take it offline,10 which he did.  When I spoke to Paul after discovering Illiades’s blog he first asked me if I had asked him to put it back online as he could not recall.  I said no and if he had not done it then someone he has given administrative authority on his site has done so.   He asked me what I wanted to do.   I thought about it for a minute and said take it off line again.  He has done so and has now moved it to the admin area where only he has authority so whoever re-enabled it last time cannot re-enable it again.  Illiades has an online copy of all the posts on your site so there should be no complaints about it being taken offline again.

You also claim that Paul can see and monitor people’s private messages on the forum “Members of this forum beware! you do not have any privacy or confidentiality using your private mail box in the forum. Paul can see what’s inside edit it as fit and use any information he can find there.”   I have spoken to Paul and this is not the case but you do not need to take Paul’s word for it.  Visit the Invision Power Board site http://www.invisionboard.com/ and research the security features and you will be able to confirm that this is another inaccurate, even false claim by Illiades.

I believe I have responded and refuted all of the accusations and questions on Illiades’ site.

Illiades talks about future posts and holding back more information waiting for my initial response.  Well Illiades I am sorry to inform you that you had just one shot at it.  I am not interested in playing this silly game and this is the finish of this matter as far as I am concerned.

You have called me a criminal on your site but I have shown that there is no foundation in any of the accusations, some of which at best are circumstantial with most being outright false.

You have also suggested that I am lying about the legal status of Marston who is a wanted criminal with outstanding arrest warrants.  I have provided the reference numbers and concerned jurisdiction for the offences so these can be checked and verified.

This saga is taking on Jerry Springer proportions and frankly it’s a total waste of my very valuable time.  It stops here.   They  can post whatever follow up they like on their already totally discredited website but there will be no further comment from me.   I will not play their game    IT’S OVER!  

Illiades will be happy to know that I have informed the Governor of my intention to resign both as President of the Rotary Club of Central Mactan and as a Rotarian.  I will post my resignation letter with explanation letter here soon.

I  also give notice of my intention to take this site offline at the end of this month.

ps  Illiades, heed my advise to you that it’s time to let go and also that you should choose your battles wisely

  1. can any father imagine someone saying anything sicker than that? []
  2. found out about this back in December []
  3. the page is G rated as long as you don’t click any of the pictures []
  4. 3 rows down far left []
  5. In all the years I have been hosting I have removed only one site for legally questionable content. []
  6. Google will give higher rankings to older sites []
  7. wish I knew this back then  http://www.ducea.com/2006/11/12/howto-fly-away-or-how-to-escape-from-the-registerfly-nightmare-part2-how/    []
  8. transferred in batch as they came up for renewal as its cheaper []
  9. search the net for “corrupt registration registerfly” and you will see many references like this  http://www.registerflies.com/admins-updates/whats-going-to-happen-with-our-domain-names.html and  http://blog.icann.org/2007/03/kevin-stop-the-nonsense-take-the-logo-down-and-give-us-the-data/   []
  10. on the advice of my attorney []

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