April 5th 2009


Today, I have been informed from trusted sourcesthat Chris Bennetts is no longer a member of the Rotary, consequently is notthe seating president of the Rotary Club of Central Mactanin Cebu Philippines as previously stated on this site.His membership was terminated January 2009 and it's time now to put the recordstraight:

“This former Rotarian – Evan Iliadis – doesn’t have an agenda to causeharm to the Rotary’s reputation as some used it as an aphorism to defend themselvesagainst my accusations to them, they just try to hide their large body behindtheir fingers; but he does have one concerning the unmasking of a few crookswithin the organization and the Rotarians that covered themup.

When the facts linking Chris Bennets as been behind a number of porn sitessurfaced to his initiative (Chris Bennetts's) he was the president of the saidclub. Some time in December 2008 an Australian Rotarian friend informed the DistrictGovernor by directing him to the sources where Chris had made incriminating statementsindicating that some of others’ accusations were well founded deserving an investigation.He wrote in good faith and in the best interest of the organization knowing thatsoon I will take on this unscrupulous criminal as is Chris Bennetts , he wantedto avoid this be published as a “Rotary cover up” as was the case with DerekPyrah’s Village Aide Program. I agreed to be patient and wait for a signal thatsome kind of investigation is taking place. I waited 4 months, to be told afterthe publishing of the story that Chris Bennetts is no longer with the Rotary.

Feeling is never too late to do the right thing, in fairnessto the Rotary Club of Central Mactan members and the Rotary International ingeneral I’m passing this information to my readers and asking them not to readthis story as a Rotary matter but as the illegal actions of some one who choseto enter the Rotary for the purpose of seeking protection from influent membersshould his evil actions be known to the public and the authorities.

When he realized that the org will not reply as he expected hefled the country and now lives in Thailand. To show also my good faith and determinationnot to make this investigation a “Rotary story” I am changingthe URL name from “anotherrotarystory.html to HelpArrestChrisBennetts.html. The crusade will goon, it will be difficult, long and dangerous. But I will prevail. Dangerous becausebehind the LBFM porn sites is hiding a criminal first world syndicate composedby foreigners targeting Asian – mostly Filipino - underage girls. What you seein these pages is just the tip of the iceberg. I am looking for a way how toprepare my readers to see these disgusting photos that will make them vomitinginstead of turning their sex drive on, how they are exploiting the poverty inthe Philippines to enrich themselves how they have trashed the image of Filipinoteen girls irreversibly traumatized by the gang. In simple words a modern timesslavery.

I’m working on, I’ll be back soon.