For The Love Of Rex the truth as told by Evan ILIADIS

Christopher "Aka" Chris Bennetts For the love of Rex.

A psychopath pornographer a living int he Philippines on hiding . He has outstanding warrants of arrest for human traficking and other criminal violations .

Christopher Bennetts appears in several sites holding this baby claiming is his son with a girl friend named Ruby,that she dumbed him when she had the proof that he's a pedophile, a cruel pornographer specialized on hard core porn movies, humiliating and disgusting. One of his closest friends had to say this:

Posted by: DeanMarston Nov 17 2008, 05:08 PM

"Thanks to some of the people who know the real truth at livingincebu and let me know about this thread. (You can read the rest below or go to the original statement) read Dean Marston's the original statement here. ) "I am being set up by Chris Bennetts and his friends. A lot of people will back me up that the real criminal here is Chris Bennetts.

So please don't believe the black picture that Chis Bennetts is trying to paint of me. Since he had no problem posting my picture and even going as far as paying for that SunStar ad I am going to give everyone information on him so people can know the real truth. Chris Bennetts is the man running pornographic LBFM websites featuring Filipinas, some who are underage.

I have pictures to prove it that he used to post on his mensasiantravelexploits and Angeles Bar websites. (Business information deleted by Paul.) People here in the Philippines are aware on his actions and he was even reported that he and his wife Antonieth ( at the time ) opened a Dance Studio on Mactan Island, Cebu Philippines.

His wife at the time was serious about the studio but Chris had other intentions. Chris did even know he was reported to have been inviting other older men to come and watch the young girls dance in their underwear and was reported to have been taking pictures of the young girls that he proudly showed his friends.

During the day Christopher Bennetts tries to come off as an upstanding businessman and community member, but at night his a demented person who takes advantage of young underage girls. In the last 3 years Christopher Bennetts has become member of the Rotary Club of Mactan and has made a lot of influential friends who are involved in politics who he could use as protection is he is ever investigated.

Chris and I spent a lot of time together and I am 100 percent sure he is part of an international underage pornographic syndicate. Who specialize in making pornographic videos and pictures of young Filipina girls and boys". This, is not an anonymous post, is from some one that knows very well Chris Bennetts. You can read Dean Marston's the original statement here.

Message to Ruby

Thursday, April 9th, 2009

I don’t know how else to reach you other than this site.

I have already said so much on this site and soon I will take it off line

There has been a lot of pain and anger on both sides and we have deeply hurt each other  

I have never hated anyone before in my life until Marston and I can honestly say I have never hated you even though I tried to.

I have felt so many different emotions but now I feel only the deepest sadness and regret.

The anger and the hatred have gone. 

Marston is a very sad person and I have learnt a lot about him in Australia which I could publish here but it’s time to and end this so that events can take their course as I know they will.

Marston will leave you.   He can read this and affirm even to himself that he will not, but he is like the scorpion that asked the turtle to take him across the river.

When Marston is no longer around I want you to know that you can contact me regarding the support of Rex.

I also hope that one day we have a chance to talk about all of this frankly and honestly as we never had an opportunity to do so with Marston always hiding behind your bedroom door.    It’s really strange to say this Ruby but I really don’t know who you are,  and you do not really know me at all.  If you have not done so then read my open letters to you.  They were written from my heart.

I realize that at this time my message is probably falling on deaf ears.The important thing is that you know that you can contact me concerning Rex. 

I will just add that this experience has had a profound effect on me.  I have revaluated my entire life and know that LOVE is the highest state of being.


The Turtle and the Scorpion

A turtle was happily swimming along a river when a scorpion hailed it from the shore.“Dear friend turtle!” called the scorpion. “Please let me climb upon your back and swim me to the other side of the river!”“No,” replied the turtle, “for if I do, you shall sting me, and I shall die.”

“Nonsense!” replied the scorpion. “If I kill you in the middle of the river, you shall sink, and I shall drown and die with you.”

The turtle thought this over, and saw the truth of the scorpion’s statement. He let it upon his back and began swimming towards the other side of the river. Halfway across, he felt a sharp pain in the back of his neck.

“Why have you stung me?!” cried the turtle as his body began to stiffen. “Now you shall die as well!”

“Because it is in my nature,” replied the scorpion as the turtle sank beneath the waters.

p.s.   To all concerned - at this time I am not checking comments on this blog.  I will do so once before turning off this blog at the end of the month.

p.p.s.  just to let you know I will not ever view your site again or respond to anything else you say (becuase I simply will not be aware of it).  I have already passed your website address to the Federal Agent I am dealing wtih in the Australian Federal Police.   I invite you to contact them also.

Full Rebuttal of ridiculous accusations against me

Thursday, April 2nd, 2009

This saga is taking on Jerry Springer proportions

Marston claims I run an international child pornography network and that I actually produce pictures and movies of young boys and girls which I sell online.  This is a total fabrication and one I find particularly offensive. He went on to say that if I ‘had my infant son I would take pictures of him and sell them online’ 1 .

If these allegations had any credible basis they would have been subject to a real police investigation long ago as Marston has been peddling such stories for more than six months to anyone he thinks would listen including professional bodies like the International Justice Mission2.  I was always wondering what false evidence or fabrications he might be cooking up against me.   Now that they are out I am relieved to see what a load of easily refuted rubbish they are.

Marston claimed he did not have a chance to defend himself or present his allegations.  I reproduced ALL his previous allegations in his own words on this blog under “Allegations against Me”.   I have long urged Marston and the other false personas he has used to go directly to the police if they have any proof.  Instead he has now found Illiades.

For the sake of those who are associated with me and who do not deserve to be maligned by people such as Marston or Iliades because of this, I will respond to the allegations and libellous statements made about me on his already highly discredited webiste.

Marston and Iliades has now published his alleged evidence to support his allegations, including references to websites he claims are mine and an image of a Filipina girl in a school uniform who accoFor The Love Of Rex the truth as told by Evan ILIADISrding to according to Marston and Illiades is under 15 years of age. The owner of the picture is who run the following porn sites:

School Girls Asia,  LBFM, Sexy Asian Ladyboys, Asian Gay Teens and others.

I contacted the siteowner and requested the ‘custodian of records’ for the girl in question.  For those that don’t understand under American law 2257 all legal porn sites must maintain records of their models with photographic proof that they are at least 18 years of age.

I have done some checking.   Simple checking that Illiades could quite easily have done himself prior to publishing the false and sensational allegations if his motive was to seek the truth. This is the picture of the so called under 15 year old he claims is mine


For The Love Of Rex the truth as told by Evan ILIADISHere is a closer picture of the girl Marston and Illiades claims is mine shows she is not even underage - but if they want to check the contact with her ID showing she is over 18 is below

The owner responded with the contact details of the custodian of records for this girl was from a studio called ‘Content 2 Die 4′ run by a guy called Jimmy Carter Jr.   This is the information that the owner of the content is required to keep by law and make available to authorities upon official request.

Jimmy Carter Jr.
B.1 L. 10 San Rafael Classic Homes
Blk. 14 Lot 5 Brosas St. BF Resort Village
las Pinas City


Prostock at Content2die4
232 holly road
Los Angeles, California

The owner also pointed me to this page where you can see the girl 4 next to many other so called school girls.  On this page they give her the name Elly and an age of 18 which more than likely is false.  It would be my guess she is probably closer to 20 and like the other girls featured on the site probably has not seen the inside of a classroom for many years.  The pictures are of adult girls dressed up in school uniforms to appeal to the customers who are biased toward such material.

The next question is why they have tried to link me to this girl and website in the first place. 

I have been running a web hosting business for many years.  I host only legal website for clients and leave the definition of legal up to US law where the majority of my hosting data centers are located.  Some of my clients do have adult sites and as long as these comply with US law I host them.  Each and every site is operated within the legal requirements that are in force for US citizens and websites; even though I am neither a US Citizen or personally subject to US Laws. I comply with these regulations because it is both ethically appropriate and positive for business.

This is the case with the sties referred to on Illiades’ website, they all comply completely with US Laws.   I have been trying to think how these specific sites came to the attention of Marston and seem to recall troubleshooting a hosting issue with the ‘LBFM’ site while at the apartment of Ruby using the computer I gave her.   I think I backed up the site to the local disk before making some change and Marston would have found a back up directory with the domain names as part of the file name.

For those not familiar with the concept of hosting it’s like being the owner of an office block and having tenants.  You are not involved in the tenant’s business activities and your only concern is that they conduct legal businesses in a legal fashion 5  and pay their rent on time. 

A great deal is being made by Marston and Illiades of a photograph of a bikini clad girl on a site called . I am asked by Illiades if it is my site as I am listed as the registrant.   It is one of maybe 30 such domains related to living in the Philippines I purchased with a partner for a future project.  I purchased in advance because of the Google sandbox6 and currently it contains promotion for an eBook on living and working in the Philippines.  I am responsible for the content of that page including the placement of the bikini girl picture.

I invite people to view the site and see the picture in context of the entire site and the book being promoted which presents an honest warts and all view for foreigners thinking of moving to the Philippines.  I try to encourage them to evaluate their real motives and look beyond whatever romantic view they might have.  Neither the site nor the eBook promotes the Philippines for sex tourism and is not intended to present a derogatory image of the Philippines.

Please note that the Domain register for is Melbourne IT.   In another part of his site Illiades says that “all” my domains are registered with “Wild West Domains which is GODADDY web hosting company” yet here is one that his own site clearly shows is not. What other errors of fact does his website contain?

Illiades also has questions about the website I built and maintain for the Rotary Club of Central Mactan.    He describes it as a “foul flash featured presentation”.  My son created that animation at no charge to the club and most people have complimented him on it.  What is a measure of a good site design Iliades …your site?   To answer your question, NO, I do not charge fees and maintenance costs for the site.    

Illiades also asks why the Rotary domain  has “private registration” which he describes as “meaning under bogus information and names”.  This is a totally inaccurate description of private registration.  With private registration the actual registration details do not change but the view to the public is restricted.  Anybody with authority can request to view the actual domain registration records.  Private registration is about privacy.  The general public cannot view your address details or get your phone number.  In particular your email address is private to stop spammers.  I now prefer to use Private Registration for all domain registrations I make or, as a domain name reseller, are responsible for.  If I am responsible for renewing a domain I will also add private registration.

Illiades also asks about a domain called ‘’.  This domain is also owned by a client of mine for whom I provide hosting and registration services.  He claims that “you have been alerted by the frequent visits of my IP, you smelled the rat again and you put it under private registration”.  I do not have anything to do with monitoring visits to that site, I did not know you or that you were looking into anything and I have no idea what is your IP address, even now. If you look again at when the domain registration record was last updated and became private you will see it corresponds exactly to when the domain was up for renewal.  Perhaps a little paranoia is creeping in?

As I have already explained I enable Private Registration for any domain I have the responsibility for renewing and yes, I renewed that domain for my client.  I was surprised to see on your site that the domain has my details.  I did not notice this when I renewed it in a batch with many others.   This registration originates back to the Registerfly domain registration company which ICANN deregistered a few years ago because of consumer complaints about their record keeping.  I lost domains belonging to clients because their system would not let me renew them7 and many of my domain records became corrupted.  It was a nightmare.   When they were de-registered I moved about 500 domains over to my enom account and I later transferred many of these to Godaddy.com8 . There were a few hundred domains with corrupt and often missing registration details 9 and the domain mentioned was one of them and got my account details by default.  I manually corrected most of these but there are still maybe a hundred I have not got around to fixing yet.  These are clients that trust me or otherwise leave the domain registration and renewal completely in my hands.  After this experience I will be updating this registration information immediately and not waiting for the renewals to fall due.

With regard to the posts on Paul’s ‘Living In Cebu’ blog.  As I stated already I reproduced all of Marstons’ accusations in his own words on a page here and then I asked Paul to take it offline,10 which he did.  When I spoke to Paul after discovering Illiades’s blog he first asked me if I had asked him to put it back online as he could not recall.  I said no and if he had not done it then someone he has given administrative authority on his site has done so.   He asked me what I wanted to do.   I thought about it for a minute and said take it off line again.  He has done so and has now moved it to the admin area where only he has authority so whoever re-enabled it last time cannot re-enable it again.  Illiades has an online copy of all the posts on your site so there should be no complaints about it being taken offline again.

You also claim that Paul can see and monitor people’s private messages on the forum “Members of this forum beware! you do not have any privacy or confidentiality using your private mail box in the forum. Paul can see what’s inside edit it as fit and use any information he can find there.”   I have spoken to Paul and this is not the case but you do not need to take Paul’s word for it.  Visit the Invision Power Board site and research the security features and you will be able to confirm that this is another inaccurate, even false claim by Illiades.

I believe I have responded and refuted all of the accusations and questions on Illiades’ site.

Illiades talks about future posts and holding back more information waiting for my initial response.  Well Illiades I am sorry to inform you that you had just one shot at it.  I am not interested in playing this silly game and this is the finish of this matter as far as I am concerned.

You have called me a criminal on your site but I have shown that there is no foundation in any of the accusations, some of which at best are circumstantial with most being outright false.

You have also suggested that I am lying about the legal status of Marston who is a wanted criminal with outstanding arrest warrants.  I have provided the reference numbers and concerned jurisdiction for the offences so these can be checked and verified.

This saga is taking on Jerry Springer proportions and frankly it’s a total waste of my very valuable time.  It stops here.   They  can post whatever follow up they like on their already totally discredited website but there will be no further comment from me.   I will not play their game    IT’S OVER!  

Illiades will be happy to know that I have informed the Governor of my intention to resign both as President of the Rotary Club of Central Mactan and as a Rotarian.  I will post my resignation letter with explanation letter here soon.

I  also give notice of my intention to take this site offline at the end of this month.

ps  Illiades, heed my advise to you that it’s time to let go and also that you should choose your battles wisely

  1. can any father imagine someone saying anything sicker than that? []
  2. found out about this back in December []
  3. the page is G rated as long as you don’t click any of the pictures []
  4. 3 rows down far left []
  5. In all the years I have been hosting I have removed only one site for legally questionable content. []
  6. Google will give higher rankings to older sites []
  7. wish I knew this back then    []
  8. transferred in batch as they came up for renewal as its cheaper []
  9. search the net for “corrupt registration registerfly” and you will see many references like this and   []
  10. on the advice of my attorney []

Iliadis Attacks Rotary Via Me!

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

I received an email last night informing me that a person has set up a site attacking me using information provided by Marston.   These are the same false allegations Marston has made against me and I have published on this site.  What is new is that this website has the “proof” Marston always claimed to have yet like him, fails to actually produce.

The instigator  is Even Iliadis, a person who was kicked out of Rotary some time ago and ever since has made it his life’s mission to attack the Rotary Village Aid program and Rotary District 3660, of which I am the current president.

Iliadis claims to have brought these allegations to the attention of the Governor and has not received a response.  I can report that I have not been contacted or questioned by the Governor or any other Rotarian about these allegations.   I think the bottom line is they do not take them seriously.

When you read Iliadis’ website, which I will link to once I have completed my response to the allegations, you would think it is a moral crusade against me.  I will be able to show that his only motivation for this site is to attack Rotary.   I have not received any communication or questions from Iliadis, not even notification of the existence of the site and its allegations.  It appears Iliadis does not really want a response from me but will get a response regardless.

Iliadis’ website has been attacking everything Rotary for some time with allegations of corruption and mismanagement.  Like this attack on me, the previous attacks on Rotary contain false information, gross distortions and fantasy.  This is why the Governor and Rotary do not take it seriously.

I am inclined to do the same as the Governor and Rotary and ignore him, but I will not.  Out of respect for Rotary and in consideration that some people might believe the rubbish posted on the site I will respond to the allegations in full.

I will first state that I am NOT the owner of the websites and pictures listed on his site and have sent a communication to the owner of the pornographic website requesting information about the picture of the young looking girl.   Under the law the website owner is required to provide details of the custodian or records for the owner of the image.   The identified owner of the images can be requested to provide proof of identity and age.

If this custodian is not provided then the matter can and should be immediately referred to the FBI for investigation and you would have my full cooperation in doing so.  I will add that the domain is hosted in the US and therefore comes under US jurisdiction.  The website owner is a long term client of mine and I do not anticipate any problem or delay in his providing me with details of the custodian. When I have this information I will provide a full response to all the allegations and false claims made on the website of Even Iliadis.

Message to Iliadis

You don’t know me and you have attacked me based on circumstantial information I will easily refute along with many of your other allegations.   This website is written from my heart.  I think compassionate human beings that read it will recognise the truth and sincerity.  I am not ashamed of my humanity and expressing my feelings as I have here.

You will notice that I have not updated this site for some time.  This is because I am now getting on with my life.  I have not forgotten nor will I give up on Rex but for the time being there is nothing I can do and I have other people in my life to take care of.

This website was never made to gain sympathy from Rotary or the expat community.  It was made to document events for concerned organizations including IJM, PNP and AFP.  It was also my last attempt to try to communicate with Ruby who is controlled by Marston with the aid of drugs. Lastly it was therapeutic on my part.

For your information I left the Philippines some time ago and have no interest in returning other than concerning Rex.  I am happy again for the first time in many months and I don’t want to be here on this site responding to this chapter of my life I have closed.  I am more focused on positive things.  Here is another site for you to do some detective work on - it is mine.

ps  With regard to resignation from Rotary I have offered this in the past when I could no longer perfrom my role due to the plan by Marston to have me murdered.    I will provide the Governor owith absolute proof of this plan to murder me and he will be able to assure other Rotarians that the threat is very real.  The resignation offer is still there if my club or the district request it.

Ruby part of plan to kill me

Monday, March 9th, 2009

There have been more SMS mesages from Ruby to Vanessa.  First she asks why I have blacked out the face of Vanessa in the pics of her holding Rex.

gayon alam ko na kong. sino kang nag txt2x. sa akin ikaw pala si vanessa ganong wala mo ipakita, ang imong nawong gahalok ka

There was no need to answer that question. A message a bit later gives the answer loud and clear

magbatay lang mo doha ni chris? kay gebaharan na saya ni dean gapatyon, maukiw dai batay lang ka nako at ayaw nag txt naho??

Here I am told Ruby says that when the guys find us they will kill us together.

Well now I know.

Before I did not know if Ruby really knew of the plan to kill me. This confirms she is a co-conspiritor.

Ruby is a very bad person - worse than I ever imagined.  She truly belongs with Marston.

The part that really gives me pain is that Rex might learn one day that his mother was part of a plan to kill his father. No child should have to live with that.

I will take Rex away from her and jail will be the best place for her along with her sick criminal boyfriend.

I am sure some reading this think this is all drama. That I might be overracting. I have even herd someone say I have lost the plot.
I can only say at this time that its all very real and I am constrained on what I can say on direct police advise. One day it might all come out.

Vanessa will help me care for Rex

Wednesday, March 4th, 2009

For The Love Of Rex the truth as told by Evan ILIADIS

For The Love Of Rex the truth as told by Evan ILIADISVanessa told me that as soon as she first saw Rex she loved him. She has helped me look after half a dozen times when I have had secret access. Vanessa will help me take care of Rex when I get custody.

As far as Ruby knows I got to see Rex only two times after the so called support agreement. After that she demanded I ask the permission of Marston if I wanted to see my son. I secretly continued to see Rex up until the time she disappeared with Marston to Negros without warning.

Ruby really has no idea how much we got to see Rex because most of the time she was off with Marston taking shabu staying away for up to 48 hours at a time. Her friend that she abandoned Rex with for extended periods was willing to let me see my son and also did not like Marston at all.

Rex with his brothers

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009

Rex has four brothers waiting for him in Australia. They keep asking me when I can bring him home.These pictures were taken shortly before my sons left the Philippines to return to study in Australia.

 For The Love Of Rex the truth as told by Evan ILIADIS    For The Love Of Rex the truth as told by Evan ILIADIS  For The Love Of Rex the truth as told by Evan ILIADIS


For The Love Of Rex the truth as told by Evan ILIADISThinking back it seems that every time we went out Ruby was always unhappy and almost keen for it to be over. She always had nasty sarcastic comments and seemed ready to pick a fight.

Perhaps she could not wait to get back to her Din Din Ortin and take some Shabu together.





Michael Effelberger President Outsider MC & owner MB’s Tavern Mactan

Sunday, March 1st, 2009

For The Love Of Rex the truth as told by Evan ILIADISI have not received a direct response from Michael Effelberger to my Open letter but I have been advised that upon reading it again he declared WAR1 on the Rotary Club.

Yes amazing as it may sound according to two witnesses at the Heidelberg Hotel on the night of the incident at MB’s Tavern Michael was there drunk and going on and on about myself and Rotary saying he would “bash” every Rotarian on the island of Mactan. I did not include this information in my open letter as I gave him the benefit of the doubt for it being some drunken nonsense. According to Daniel Miller and others he is in a perpetual state of drunkenness anyway.

I heard that  he again declared war on Rotary after reading my open letter and two members of the Outsiders took pictures of members of the Rotary club of Mactan and assaulted one.  Members of the Rotary club of Central Mactan later had a communication with Michael where he withdrew (or denied) his issue with Rotary now saying he only has an issue with me because I insulted and threatened his wife.

The fact is that I have never direclty spoke to his wife - not even on the night in question.  It’s funny that Michael claims to be so concerned about an insult to his wife Marlene because he bad mouths her more than anyone and “does not have much time for her” quote from the Peace Maker.

I have now learned a lot more about this Michael and realize I am not dealing with a normal intellegent person. I have received five private messages in addition to Daniels public comments and it seems he has a lot of enemies but most are scared to make any open comments.

Michael Outsiders PresidentMichael President Outsider MC












Michael Effelberger President Outsider MCI believe this is a more recent picture of Michael 

I was told by the so called Peace Maker2 that he was well respected. I now conclude that the peace maker was confusing respect with fear.
I had been willing to give him the benefit of the doubt but now I know he is not a man of honour. He is just a moron. Or perhaps his serious motorcycle accident of a couple of years ago where he lost an eye caused some brain damage.
Michael will come to realize that the most unfortunate day of his life was when he met Dean Boyd Marston and the biggest mistake of his life was when he decided to befriend and protect this criminal.

It seems they have a lot in common. Both are 24 hour drunks, both apparently like young girls and both are probably psychopaths (I am sure about Marston but I have not met Michael so can only go on the opinion of others).
There are also claims that Michael is involved in drugs. I have heard this MYSELF DIRECTLY FROM THE PDEA in addition to other sources. So that would be another thing that Marston and Michael would have in common.

I know the code of the Outsiders requires that they all band together and support him but I would suggest to any thinking member that they evaluate their ongoing support for this guy.

The spot light is turning on Michael and his activities and this has the potential to bring the outsiders into serious disrepute.
If Michael had been a man of his word when he told me the issue was over when I apologized without qualification for the event at MB’s then this would all be over already. He also had a chance to finish the matter by responding to my Open letter in a way that assured me he had no ill intentions towards me. His response has been to declare a personal war on me.

I know Michael believes killing me will put an end to this but be assured it would be the end of the Outsiders on Mactan if something happened to me. If Michael really is a psychopath then this threat will not stop him but I suggest any other member think about where he is currently taking the group.
I have also done some Googling on the net about Michael and here are two interesting items I found on World Sex Guide.

Mactan Travel Report Dated Added: Sun Mar 05 2006
If you are like me and love the Philippines make sure you are going to Mactan Island in Cebu Philippines. The girls there are likeing to fuck a lot and it is easy to find them for little money. Stay away from a place called MB’s Tavern. It is full of a gang called The Outsiders. They ride motorcycles and try very hard to act bad, but they are a bunch of pussys who have to band together to feel safe. Mostly they are Norwegian and Germans. They are over the hill-old men trying to be like young Marlon Brando, but they only succeed in buying pussy, Which anyone can do in the Philippines.

They are comical wearing leather vests with “outsiders” written on the back like someone from an old comic book! Ha! They are a bunch of loosers and are infecting the girls at MB’s Tavern with drippy dick. Two of my friends got drippy dick picking up girls at that MB’s. The president of the outsiders club is a German Named Michael who brags that he has had drippy dick so many times that his doctor warned him that he was immune to most of the vaccines that cure it! This man is so stupid he tells this story out loud to virtually every one he meets! Very Stupid Man.

Lapu Lapu Escort Review Dated Added: Thu May 06 2004
MB’s Tavern is another great place to get pussy. Mikel, the owner has a small hotel located directly on the college campus and he has a 3 ring-binder with willing college students listed inside. Prices depend on the girls, runs about 1500 for an all night bang, and Mikel gets 500 for the room. But don’t eat at the Tavern! I had the shits for 5 days. If you get the runs, there’s a pill you can buy at the pharmacy called Immodium. It works. It’s hard to fuck when you have to run to the toilet between strokes.
There is a lot more to come about Michael Effelberger President of the Outsiders MC and the owner of MB’s Tavern on Mactan

  1. War is a word that apparantly Michael likes to use []
  2. person known to myself and Michael []

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Ruby and her life of lies
Friday, February 27th, 2009

For The Love Of Rex the truth as told by Evan ILIADIS

The last time I saw Ruby she denied being a Shabu addict. Not surprising as drug addicts will almost never admit that they even take drugs.
When we first got together she did admit to me that she had tried Shabu once long ago. It turns out that once was around the same time I started dating her.To remind her here are her two friends you first tried Shabu with

More will come out when we go to court for custody.
I also asked her how she supported herself when we first met. At first she said an allowance from her father but later the story changed to an online chat mate who wanted to marry her. As I understand it now she was still doing tricks hanging out at Nasa Disco. I really don’t know if the chat mate even existed.

Before me there had been a succession of other foreign guys.

Then there are the macho dancers that lived in the same apartment block. They are Filipino guys that dance at a gay bar in Mactan called Tarzan boy. They prostitute themselves to men and to older women and Korean women on holiday.

Ruby admitted that she had once dated a Macho dancer but said it was not any of the Macho dancers at the apartment. I now know different.

Ruby is a very good liar. In fact I am starting to think that she and Marston are made for each other. He has always preferred whores.

I know that Ruby is aware of Marstons interest in young girls. They have already had fights about him taking too much interest in young girls while they have been together. One incident I heard about was at your Aunties store in the Market.

Petition for Custody of Rex

Thursday, February 26th, 2009

For The Love Of Rex the truth as told by Evan ILIADIS

When I returned to Australia in mid December 2008 I was an emotional wreck. The time spent with my family enabled me to put things back into perspective and I remember January 17 as being a turning point when I again took control of my life. I returned to the Philippines and have been on a fact finding mission since.

The truth can be a hard pill to swallow but I now realized that Ruby was just a gold digger from the start and never loved me. I have learnt how she was a high class pick up girl at Nasa disco. How she was having a relationship with a Macho dancer from the Tarzan Boy Gay Bar while I was courting her1 . How it was always about money and things for her. She was always demanding from the beginning and I just accepted that.

When Ruby first got pregnant she was adamant that she wanted an abortion. I had to really convince her not to promising I would support her and the child. I promise I never shied away from. In hindsight it would have been better to have allowed her to but Rex was a child made with love - at least for me.

Perhaps the most hurtful thing I hear from Ruby now is that she claims I did not support her and Rex. That she can lie about something like this amazes me. It is almost laughable to anyone that knows us and I have so much proof of my support commencing when she first found out she was pregnant and only stopping when she ranoff with Marston denying me any access to Rex.

When I returned to the Philippines I decided I had to give her one last chance to continue to be the mother of Rex. I tried to offer her a way out of this mess in two open letters in which I poured out my heart. I doubt she has even read them or much of this site. Her response is to say that I am just making up stories and its all bullshit. At least I know I tried and I can sleep more soundly with that knowledge.

I now realize that Ruby it a totally unfit mother and I must now rescue Rex and bring him to Australia. In December my Attorney prepared a case for Custody of Rex and I have held back on lodging it until now. So it’s time to lodge this petition and go to court. Ruby will lose Rex and she has no one else but herself to blame

Ruby responds to my Open Letter

Sunday, February 22nd, 2009

I got an indirect answer to my open letter to Ruby. For the past couple of months on and off Ruby has been contacting a girl I know called Vanessa and trying to cause a problem between us. Her tactics have included telling her that she is my girl friend and that we are meeting in Manila or Palawan and a lot of other lies.

I had instructed Vanessa to ignore these txt messages in the past but now it is Vanessa who has sending messages to Ruby and got a response.

The first few messages from Ruby just say I am a shit guy and how much she loves Marston. A little later she sent a long message in Olongo which is her native dialect as she comes from Victorias in Negros.

Vanessa does not understand Olongo and so far I have only have a basic translation which seems to be the same bullshit she is always saying.

Here is her txt to Vanessa:

himohimo rasija sitorya ganto kay den gansya man ang mahilig sa babae himolos man sya ug 14 15 16 17 iya himoslan ikaw dai pilay imong idan aghimoslan ka ni chris?? indai sinkaw gatxt dako siman imo galan uyab kaw ni chris geatay manasya walakabalo gagebahan manasya gapatyon ni daen gagomansya tao ikaw lipay ba saija gadahan manasya babaeing gepahimoslan ugnaga mandosan palakiro sya wawakalang dai kay ako lipay gonko daen butan managon daen ganko higoma mankonya kaw higoma chris luykadai kayatay manasya layonyan saimo wawaka? Cge matolog na me ni daen dinami txt imo.

I will update this with an accurate translation1 when I get one but Ruby is repeatingld she is and ask her if she is happy with me because I have so many girls and saying I lie to her all the time.  Well to answer the question of Ruby Vanessa is 18 years old.


she said you like girls age 14, 15, 16,17 u just want sex with them she said
she said to the girl who text her that u are just using another girl just to make her jealous
she says also to the girl how old she is that u used her
she said if i were u girl just leave him because he is a playboy after he gets what he want he will just leave you not like with daen he love me so much and i m so happy with him
she said if i were u girl just leave him because he is a play boy after he gets what he want he will just leavei am to you not like with daen he love me so much and i m so happy with him
and last she said i will go to sleep and dont disturb us again bec. i will not reply you

Amazing stuff.  Everything here on this blog contradicts and refutes what Ruby says.  she is such a lier.

I doubt if Ruby has even read my open letter to her which I laboured over for hours pouring out my heart. She is able to dismiss it in a few seconds.

I really have to conclude that she has never loved me and was just using me. She is a party girl and loves wild sex and drugs. I was just too conservative and boring for her.

  1. I received a summary by txt message []

WANTED - Dean Marston Pedophile in the Philippines

Wednesday, February 18th, 2009

There is currently an Arrest warrant out for Australian national Dean Boyd Marston in connection with sexual offences against an underage girl in Cebu Philippines. Marston who is currently on bail for another offence is now in hiding assisted by his girlfriend Robelyn M. Bandejas (Ruby).  There are also two other Rape cases filed against him.

For The Love Of Rex the truth as told by Evan ILIADIS

Wanted Dean Boyd Marston

Marston is a dangerous psychopath with a serious drug and alcohol addiction.

This is the actual wanted poster published in the Sun Star Newspaper

More proof…

Saturday, February 14th, 2009

There is more evidence about the criminal activities of Marston and his friends that I can not make available to the public at this time. These include more pictures and affidavits from people that know him as well as some legally sensitive material.

I am making this information available to certain interested parties but only under the direction of authorities and legal council. If you think you are an interested party wanting more proof about the criminal activities of Marston and his friends then please contact me.

Rex is OK

Friday, February 13th, 2009

For The Love Of Rex the truth as told by Evan ILIADISI have not seen Rex for a few months now. The last time I saw him he looked thin and sickly. He seemed despondent when I held him. I was very worried about him.

I now have a picture taken about three weeks ago and I am happy to say that he looks ok now. He is being cared for by a Yaya1

From the moment we brought Rex home from hospital Ruby has always demanded I provide a Yaya and did so but lost count of how many we had. None would stay with her and she had something to say about each one. Eventually she had to long term friends come and stay in the spare bedroom and one of them was not working and took care of Rex while she was busy looking after Marston.

When the first arrest warrant for Marston was made last year they ran away and hid at a beach resort in Batangas going via Negros and collecting a Yaya. I understand the Yaya is some sort of relative and is the still looking after Rex.

According to her long term friend and the other people in the apartment block she never spent much time looking after Rex. She was always more concerned about Marston. I don’t care as long as Rex is well taken care of.

  1. nanny []

Hello again Mr. Marston

Wednesday, February 11th, 2009

I just approved another three comments from you.

dennis y

Submitted on 2009/02/09 at 2:21am
Well for all concerned fathers here i have a step daughter here in cebu and you fella are one of the guys i am looking for, and i will find you, you will stay away from my daughter who i might add is underage .Mr Bennetts i will make you pay that is a promise and a threat

Again here is another name I have never encountered before. If we were to assume that dennis y was a real person then it is implied that I know or have had some contact with his daughter which is serious enough that he is looking for me and threatens to make me pay. Don’t waste a second. Go straight to the Police with your daughter and make a compliant about me.  Of course you can not be you don’t exist.

Submitted on 2009/02/09 at 2:23am
A lot of people in this city are talking about the activities of both you and marston who i believe has run away. your come uppance is coming fella , big time,

Another threat.  So what are they saying about you Marston?

Submitted on 2009/02/09 at 2:31am
Bennetts i was also a guest at one of your mactan rotary meetings while there was a talk given about phedophila, one thing that struck me as strange was the fact that you, the president was sitting back and laughing about it. but i guess you will deny that also

This is the best.  Classic Marston - pure fiction easily refuted.   I am very sure we have never had a guest called dennis y at our Rotary club meetings.  This can be checked with attendance records BUT more importantly WE HAVE NEVER HAD A TALK ABOUT PEDOPHILIA at our club so yes I deny it as will every other member of the club. 

I invite any interest parties  (PNP, IJM, AFP etc) to confirm this with the other members of the club.

So thank you again Mr Marston for giving my side of the story more credibility as readers see more of your lies. 

  The drugs and booze combined with your mental illness are really effecting your logic  GET HELP!


Tuesday, February 10th, 2009

Watched an interesting movie on cable the other night called School for Scoundrels which is apparently a remake of a 1960 movie I have not seen.

The story line is about a top-secret confidence building class for men with low self esteem and confidence taught by the suavely underhanded Dr. P and his assistant Lesher.

The movie is touted as a romantic comedy but according to most reviews fails to deliver. There is another aspect to this movie that is not mentioned in the movie blurb or main reviews. The movie actually depicts two psychopaths. If you search the net you can find this aspect discussed in various places.

Both Dr. P and his assistant Lesher are psychopaths that enjoy the power they have over the students humiliating and controlling them.

Most would immediately recognize Lesher as a psychopath as he takes obvious delight in the pain and suffering he inflicts on the students. Dr. P is not as obvious but every bit as psychopathic as the cruel Lesher.

Dr. P enjoys playing in the minds of the students and the story reveals that in each class he singles out one student to totally wreck. The rest of the students will emerge from the class with more confidence but one he will destroy. In the movie Roger is the student he has singled out for this class.

Rogers reason for enrolling is that he likes a girl in the same apartment block but is too shy to approach her. Dr. P assists him to do so and then has fun playing with Roger letting him make progress and then taking it away from him. Roger learns from a past student that he has done this many times before and locates a past student to help him expose Dr. P.

I see a direct parallel between Dr. P and Mr. Marston however Marston is nowhere near as smart as Dr. P. Both enjoy playing games with the lives and in the minds of others causing suffering. Both enjoy taking away another guys girl for no other reason than its some sort of personal challenge and power trip.

I know Marston has attempted to seduce or break up a dozen relationship I know of. As Harold from Bogo told me if you are sitting with your wife or girl friend at a table in a restaurant he will be trying to seduce her the minute your back is turned and would “be trying to touch her leg under the table in front of you” in front of you.

In the movie the question is posed multiple times by other students. Dr. P can get any girl he wants so why does he decide to go after Rogers girl? The movie never answers that question but if you understand a psychopath then you know the answer.

School for ScoundrelsHere are the rules Dr. P gives his students for dating:

Be dangerous; it’s cool No compliments, EVER!!! Always get the girl alone Wherever you are, the place is lame! Relate to her Lie, lie, and lie some more 

The caption to this movie is Life’s A Game Learn How To Play   
This is the creed of a Psychopath - its all a game to them…

Marston Responds to this blog

Friday, February 6th, 2009

Here is a comment posted on this blog the day after I circulated the web address to fellow Rotarians.

geoff ashby
Submitted on 2009/02/06 at 12:15am

clearly you do not know mr Bennetts very well, The story he is putting of about Rex is pure bullshit, Chris wanted nothing to do woth his son and even refused to give finincial support, Just how loving a father was he to rex, Well the day rex was baptised he left the party to have sex with a young girl who was attending

Firstly, Who are you geoff ashby? I don’t remember ever knowing anybody called geoff ashby and you certainly were not at the party to you claim to have knowledge of.

In fact the only other person there other than the few friends and relatives of Ruby was Mr Dean Boyd Marston. It would be my guess that you are one in the same and even the style of your writing is that same.

Regardless I would like to thank you very much. I really mean it.

You have confirmed a major part of my story that Marston we feeding lies about me to Ruby way back then.

The facts are I spent most of the day at the christening and party and in the late afternoon rushed back to my home as I was taking care of my three boys also. I was gone an hour or two and returned. Marston was invited to go with me wanted to stay are the party - I wonder why!

The story about having sex with a young girl who was attending absolutely astounds me.

There were only a few of Ruby’s friends and relatives present and I would expect Ruby to know the story is false. Marston - Do you think before you make up such bullshit or looking at the time you would have been very drunk already when you wrote this?

For The Love Of Rex the truth as told by Evan ILIADISThe only girl young girl present was the sister of Ruby who you seemed to like.

If there is a real Geof Ashby then he does not know anything about me as we have never met, and the only source of the lie contained in his post can be Marston. Therefore at best he is repeating a lies of Marston and has not spent much time reading my side of the story.  A total of 18 minutes skipping around the site. Had he read more he would see that I provided very well for both Rex and Ruby and only cut off the support after they refused to give me access to Rex and I discovered nothing much was being spent on Rex anyway (but I really am really sure this is a post from Marston).


Back in the Philippines - not much has changed

Thursday, February 5th, 2009

I have returned to the Philippines but at this time I feel it will just be to close down my house and sell my things after which I will return to Australia.  I do want to check up on Ruby and Rex while I am here but the most recent information suggests that she is still very much under the control of Marston.

Last night I attended the regular meeting of the Rotary Club of Central Mactan and had an opportunity to talk to Ralf who has known Ruby for a long time when she was the girl friend of another foreigner called Patty.

Ralf met Marston and Ruby at MB’s just a few weeks ago and give me his impression of how they looked and some of the conversation.  According to Ralf Ruby looks fine with no obvious sign of her drug addiction. In fact she said to Ralf that I am telling everybody she is a drug addict and laughed it off.  Marston also laughed.

Ruby spoke with emotion about my having lots of other women and in his opinion this is the source of her anger with me.

They spoke of me referring to me as “crazy” and said I even put an add in the paper about Marston which they showed Ralf1.

Ruby said that I never loved her or Rex. Something she tells everyone and has also said to me. This belief is self-delusional and is obviously not true to any rational thinking person who takes even the most scant look at the circumstances. She needs this belief to justify being the puppet of Marston in inflicting so much abuse and suffering upon me. She probably even thinks most of it was her idea with no idea how she was manipulated by Marston.

On first impression to Ralf they seem like a happy couple. Marston even said to Ralf that when he “took Ruby he took the package”. Ralf explained he meant Ruby with Rex. A very convincing performance which would fool anyone meeting them for the first time. I will just say that Ralf was not meeting Ruby for the first time…

So the situation still seems hopeless with Ruby under the control of Marston.

Ruby can tell everyone she is not on drugs but the fact is she was under police surveillance buying drugs and narrowly escaped being arrested. Their attempts to purchase drugs for trike drivers in Victorias are also known to police. Many of Ruby’s friends and acquaintances also know of her drug addition and have spoken t me about it. How about submitting yourself to a hair pull test Ruby?

Marston and Ruby can turn on a good performance and it seems even try to depict me as the crazy guy. The weight of evidence against Marston is overwhelming. He can turn his charm on for a while but the abusive nature of a psychopath is hard wired and they can not control themselves for a prolonged period or actually change2

Marston has some powerful and dangerous friends

Since I returned I also learnt some more very disturbing information about some of the people now assisting Marston. I was only told previously that they had a reputation for getting results no matter what it took and how much it cost and that I should be concerned about that. I just learnt these people control drugs for the area where Ruby is known to buy. I also learnt that they are big time gun runners and “the Generals are even afraid of him”.  This new source said that they buy Judges and other officials which backs up what I was first told about them.

If Marston is arranging for something to happen to me then this group would most like be his instrument if not through his friend Michael of MB’s

Met another Victim of Marston

It was amazing after being told of their Oscar winning performance depicting me as the crazy guy and them as the happy loving couple I discovered a new victim of Marston.

After the Rotary meeting I went wit a few friends to a bar complex in Mandaue and had a couple of cold beers. I was sitting minding my own business when a girl already dressed approached me. She was from a Mango bar but out of work bar hopping with a guy. I did not recognise her and still don’t have any recollection of meeting her before.

She surprised me by asking if I was “Chris” and then saying “you are the enemy of Din Din” I asked her why she asked. She told me she knew him and was his girl friend before but she always bashes her (she put her hand to her face making a symbolic action of being struck to the face). She had no time to elaborate on the story as she was with her customer but has my contact information.

I have herd many stories of Marstons abuse towards women including instances of physical abuse. Her words “always bashes” suggests a more ongoing and regular physical abuse than I have herd before. Perhaps it was just her choice of words. If he did physically hurt her on more than one occasion then I suppose the term applies.

I have her name and the bars she currently works and will being following up her story and pass this on to the authorities so they can add it to his file and pursue the matter further if they want. I can also pass her story to the International Justice Mission (IMJ).

  1. interesting that they carry it around with them [according to my research the abuse of a Psychopath peak in the 30s which is Marston age now and start to diminish at age 50 plus []




For The Love Of Rex the truth as told by Evan ILIADIS

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