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From: David Collins <collins@globelines.com.ph>

Date: Wed, 16 Aug 2006 23:21:37 -0000

To: Derek Pyrah <derek@pig.net.au>, evan iliadis <evanil@rotarycluboftagbilaran.org>

Cc: evan iliadis <iliadisevan@yahoo.fr>, VAP Tom McAllaster <willitsian@yahoo.com>

Subject: Re: Against our wishes

Right on Brothers


I think it is best to ignore them for the moment and to keep an eye on their activities.

Comments on our web site are not appropriate at the moment, until we see what if anything that they have in mind that is not in our best interest. 


News flash,  Since the letter came from our new District Governor June Almeda,

and since I have reasons for suspecting that he might be the actual signer of the documents and not Len Magno, I am investigating the this possibility through our own spy  network.

Information like this is vital.. It is a shame that we do cannot trust even our own District Governor officials.  Rene Relampagos being a politician  in Bohol might have his own reasons for wanting another club on the island?? 


 I have concluded that there is a massive conspiracy to keep the masses of Filipinos barefoot  uneducated and pregnant.

That way the power brokers can continue to control. This is exactly what is happening now.  The congress has once again scrapped any attempt to impeach for cause.


Apparently it is ok to steal the election and say I,m sorry then continue to do as one pleases.




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Subject: RE: Against our wishes


 Evan, Dave,  Tom,


 I am not sure what  you need to do, I guess Dave your attitude will be ignore them but keep an eye  open for what they are doing.  They will never do  what the VAP and TRC are doing and incidentally have been doing for 5 years  now (YES IT’S OUR 5TH BIRTHDAY THIS MONTH) time fly by when your  having fun.




I am not sure what  the new club’s attitude is to us, (VAP and TRC) whether they are out to  destroy us, harm us in any way.  Are they aware that TRC tried to stop  them being chartered, if so we have to be prepared for their actions?  I  can see them do photo ops with the poor – then trying to get a lot of  publicity.  I am going to push from this end with RI to publicize what we  are doing; it may be the simplest way of staying ahead of  them.


 Rene  Relampagos has been appointed as (AGR) Assistant Governors representative to  the new club.


 What does this mean  Dave?  Does it mean that Rene is AG for area or just for new club, is he  still a member of TRC?  Is Rene still on our team?  I certainly hope  so – if he is I guess he will keep an eye on things for us, maybe be our 007  there?


 Lets pray for the  best – if the Lord decided that this new club would do good things for the  poorest of the poor and they followed our example THAT WOULD BE  NICE.




Brother  Derek.




 On  16/08/06 13:46, "Derek Pyrah" <derek@pig.net.au>  wrote: 



Sad to see  that Evelyn has forgotten what her eyes saw and her ears heard.  I guess  she turned out to be an ‘ain’t that a shame’ person after  all.


Obviously we will have nothing to do with the new club and  will continue the way we have been working – any attempt by the new club to  approach us in any way will be rebuffed and rebuked.


What people  like Evelyn fail to see is the damage they do when they try to self adulate,  


Don’t worry brothers we have too much water under the bridge to  allow anyone to stop us now.  Guess we just have to watch out behind our  backs and make sure they are not trying to sow the seeds of doubt about  anything we are doing in an attempt to discredit us. Hey don’t worry  Adriana and I have enough  experience about watching our backs over here to make sure we can be of  assistance in Bohol. Maybe we have done our  training to prepare us for the new tasks ahead.


Power to the  Village People guys.


Incidentally Adriana stood up at our RC tonight and let them  have it with both barrels, in a nice way – she asked to speak about the ball  and then proceeded to let the members know that it saddens her that they never  even tried to get one table at the ball – considering the program started with  RC Corrimal it saddened her that they didn’t even consider it a program worthy  of some support.  Then said thanks and went and sat down.  She got  two more couples take tables (which was before she spoke out)  She said  that they were rather stunned and no one said anything to her afterwards.   Guess they thought it was Derek and Dave that spoke out – now they know  the passion of Adriana.


Love you guys and missing you  all, hope that Evan is on Bohol in late  October, early November when we are there again – I owe you a glass of wine  Evan.  Tom missing you as well, thanks for your work.


Love  Brother Derek 




From: David  Collins [mailto:collins@globelines.com.ph] <mailto:collins@globelines.com.ph%5d>   

Sent: Wednesday, 16 August  2006 7:39 PM

To: Derek  Pyrah

Cc: VAP Evan Iliadis;  VAP Tom McAllaster

Subject:  Against our wishes

Dear Derek,  

Governor Evelyn Magno, as her  final bow  as Governor of D3860, and against our recommendations, signed  the papers which authorized the formation of a new rotary club called Rotary  Club of Upper Tagbilaran.

This is the same band of players  who were earlier calling themselves RC of Bohol Island.

In our conference on the subject  club, we lodged a formal protest to the formation and additionally stated the  name itself violated Rotary International bylaws.

So it would appear that numbers  are still more important then clubs who have earned a reputation in the  community in which they serve.

Rene Relampagos has been appointed  as (AGR) Assistant Governors representative to the new  club.

I told Governor Jun Almeda that I  would not participate in any activity  which I felt was not in the best  interest of our club.

It appears from here to just be  more thrashing about by R.I. and the districts to keep the numbers at  1,200,000 to preserve the kingdom, without considering the wreckage incurred  along the way.

Time will tell if this new  direction by R.I. will stem the downward trend.

Time will tell if this new club  will serve the community.