To obtain one you must agree that Rotarian engineer Dave Collins will erect a waterless dry toilet in a school. It's his business. (See highlighted portion on the advertisement page left). You must also provide a crew in a daily basis to clean up the mess before it looks like this. Click here please. Have plenty of sawdust available to throw in, if not, the smell will certainly reach Derek Pyrah's office in Australia, even worst, Collins mansion in Panglao creating you trouble for lack of maintenance!

But all aren't negative. There is the fun part also. Once they will show you the bill (300.000 pesos) prepare yourself for a big loud laugh, hysterical, a long laugh as you hadn't one since long time. Because you don't need to be an architect or builder to evaluate the real cost which is maximum the third of it. You don't even need a calculator. Is so obvious, a simple Filipino construction laborer can see it! As for the water collection system, water filtration, medicines distributed "by a licensed Pharmacist of the Philippines Board" we'll tell you more a little later. Be patient, you'll know everything.

Now, in the first paragraph of this column, I mentioned about how easy it is - thanks to the support of Pyrah and Collins- to obtain a MG. There is an important detail you should know before apply. The TRF (Rotary Foundation) requires your club has a bank account like this.Cick please)They (Collins and Pyrah) will ask you as a president, to demonstrate the ability to keep members' eyes out of this account. Even though Dave Collins will be your coach and explain you how he did it in the ROTARY CLUB OF TAGBILARAN, still you will need some training on your own to achieve this extremely challenging requirement which will determine if you will be admitted in the inner circle of the "Brothers in Christ" as a trusted lieutenant, or your project will be implemented, money handled and monitored by Dave Collins. Upon completion, you will be asked to sign the final report to be submitted to TRF containing misleading facts like this.Cick please.

What is misleading? He built the toilets with his own workers in violation of the "conflict of interest" provision as clearly described in the RF MG terms and conditions by paying Philippines wages for a total cost as generously and in his favor estimated by 6 engineers of 1 500 US$ each and told TRF that a construction company named GUILBERT VALLES performed the job and paid them 6 000 US$ each. Do you still want it?

Mr President of any club in the Philippines and else where, my advisement to you is this: Stay away of this kind of crooked business. Don't be credulous to believe Derek Pyrah is here to help you. He desperately needs clubs to invest the money he's raising in Australia. How he and Collins are benefiting from this investment? We already explained how the laundry machine is working in previous postings, but seen the circumstances we need to revisit the topic to refresh our memories. This will be done in the next update.

VILLAGE AIDE PROGRAM has Rotary Matching Grants for sale


Below are some of the main pages you'll find on the site.

VAP-ripoff Village aide Program Philippines. Do they look philanthropists to you?
The philanthropists- crooks Take a close look on these photos. Is there any one can contradict my assertion that their appearance has nothing to do with the philantThe Philanthropistshropists? Why they have to look wealthy, glamorous wearing silk gown, tuxedo, bold tie or tie while in a booth pledging money for the poor? Doesn't look to you like a store where we are selling poverty by the kilo to people passing by?


as we know it. Sick and tired of all those "philanthropists" begging us for money for the “poor children in the third world”! They are all over thEVAN ILIADIS ROTARY INTERNATIONAL-VILLAGE AIDE PROGRAM PHILIPPINES VAP-RIP-OFFe web, in the streets, malls, airports, PP presentations in Rotary and other clubs and associations and I'm sure I missed many!. How much of this money will actually reach the destination intended? Dear reader,s not the first time you are reading this. You heard before about crooks in the charities business, don't you? CLICK to read more...

THE TRIAL Conflicts, misunderstanding rivalry exists within any group of people that gather to achieve a common goal, be a club, a church or a fraternity; usually will end uRotary International-Village Aide Program Philippines.The Trialp with the exclusion of one party preserving so the unity of the group, exclusion not always carefully and rightfully planned and executed. The last place you would have expect this to happen is the Rotary International. Is this the first time that happened? We don’t know. Don’t count on Rotary to tell you, neither on active Rotarians. It’s a secret. Click here to read more

You are a new President and don't know how to successfully apply for a MG? (MatchiRotary International-Village Aide Program Philippines Matching Grants on Saleng Grant) The VAP (Village Aide Program) has the best you can find in the org. Top quality, always fresh, certified audited by two Rotary districts, no bugs or defects..And it's free! He will even pay you to apply!. Click to read more

joined the Rotary club of Tagbilaran (RCT for short) sometime in the year 1997-98 -I believe – and began restructuring the club in their own way and tactics to beRotary International-Village Aide Program Philippines
The beginningcome the leaders “the most indispensable members, the ones who will elevate the glory of the RCT to the international level thanks to their connections abroad”  (Both are Americans citizens, Baby Collins did not apply to regain her Filipino citizenship as of the year 2005)Their first task was to get rid of members susceptible ...Click to read more

OTHER PEOPLE MONEY. WHERE IS IT? Let's take a walk through history starting some time in the year 2005 and talk http://vap-ripoff.org/VAP opponents.htmlabout the then DG Bob Richard. I have in my archives a mail he sent to Derek Pyrah making him fuming like an angry dragon. For respect to the PDG I'm not going to publish it although he wasn't the one sent it to me but forwarded by Dave Collins Click to read more

Christopher Bennetts: "I have lived in Cebu for around 3 years and met many of the expats. There are a few good guys here but I hae to say the majority are not worthRotary International-Village Aide program Philippines Christopher Bennetts knowing. Philippines seems to be a refuge for people running away from problems or life in general. People that can not make it back home.hris Bennetts, a Rotarian and president of the Rotary Club of Central Mactan (Cebu island Philippines) As a former Rotarian myself it was natural to pay some attention to this intriguing story" Read more

THE MEDICAL MISSIONS RIP-OFF Touring the Philippines at donors and often Australians taxpayer expenses, shot some videos and go begging for VAP-RIPOFF VILLAGE AIDE PROGRAM bogus medical mission.money. "For the poor and needy?"Those tourists you see were the only beneficiaries.Two weeks in the Philippines they participated in 4 medical missions for a duration of 4 hours each Click t read more

THE CASATE VILLAGE DROUGHT RELEIF RIP-OFF Some time in the year 2006 Dave Collins and Derek Pyrah were unhappy that not enough money flows on the VAP account in the PhilipVILLAGE AIDE PROGRAM  A former manager's Diary the cassate drought relief operation ripoffpines. This can be demonstrated in several mails exchanged I have in file. In these mails they are looking for ways to increase their income “for the poor and needy” out side the Rotary where apparently the collect didn’t work as they wanted to. The Matching Grand Applications to TRF were slow to produce, too bureaucratic for a Collins as anxious he can be. They decided to seek instant gratification by inventing a Darfour situation in the North of the island in a place named Ubay in the village of Cassate. Click to read more

VillVILLAGE AIDE PROGRAM the story of a scam.AGE AIDE PROGRAM the story of a scam.
A band of crooks the Rotary International shouldbe embarrassed and ashamed.

Recived a mail from Maita Manglapus President of the Rotary Club of Mactan Cebu Philippines. I replied to her with a short comment, but giving it a second thought It deserves more than a few sentences. After all, the president consecrated time to express her opinion in the most  polite manner, I owe her  to reciprocate


The whole thing here was crafted with only one objective: To impress and turn the interested parties attention away from the real isVILLAGE AIDE PROGRAM Vap report to RAWCSsue: Unverifiable crooked numbers. Coloured version of the report, black and white version, quicken generated versions (I was his teacher on this last one!..) General Electric stupid stories, executive version, short version, long versions, kiss my ass version and the like...

Village Aide Program Philippines Volunteers

Derek Pyrah convinced them to come toBohol for the RCT officers' induction but his real reason was, what else, the picture looking at the toilets!. Now youare showing them as volunteers! Mission accomplished..What exactly they did? What they inspected? Does any one of them knows the cost of a toilet?

Village Aide program Philippines Cory Ann Verge Village of Cassate Bohol.

Cory Ann was a member of this club (RCT) and was receiving some financial aide from the VAP for a feeding program she established in the day care of the Cassate village. But the Club disassociated its position from the VAP due to financial anomalies that surfaced from the aid the (VAP) was receiving from the ROTARY INTERNATIONAL individuals and corporations. Read more

Village Aide program Philippines Mrs Sing Story

Any one donating to the charities, what you are about to read in this site is the actions of a few bad apples members of the ROTARY INTERNATIONAL. Hiding the facts isn't doing any good, just will prolong the sin, enrich some to the detriment of others, members and donors losing trust in Rotary in its ability to prevent fraud through the Matching Grants process to the clubs.

Village Aide Program Philippines the Managers

Derek Pyrah said:



































































































VAP-RIPOFF VILLAGE AIDE PROGRAM diaries of a former Rotarian and volunteer in the Philippines.

Rotary International-Village Aide Program Philippines Matching Grants on Sale