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Derek Pyrah said: (Text copied from VAP web site"VILLAGE AIDE PROGRAM D3860 PHILIPPINES RAWCS PROJECT 137-2005. The Village Aide Program(VAP) is a program that was first established in August 2001. In 2005 it was established as a Rotary Australia World Community Services Program with a view to work with villagers in impoverished villages in Developing Countries to give them the opportunity to become self sufficient. Doljo village on the island of Panglao in the Philippines, was selected as “the model” upon which the project is based and the “How To” manual was developed.
The project concept is being perfected in Doljo Village. However since the start of this project it has grown to include five more villages, in the Province of Bohol and 16 other villages in the Southern Philippines. We have the full support of District 3860 who audit the Village Aide Program activities.The Rotarians who are involved in this ambitious and worthwhile project are working very hard to promote a better life for those people in the Third World who are unable to escape the poverty trap".

Cory Anne Verge: A missionary, Manager of the Casate VAP Village in Ubay, a town distanced 2 hours driving from Tagbilaran. Respected Rotarian living in Ubay for many years managing a camp belonging to a Christian organization. Derek Pyrah was hoping through her to put his hands on her organization for money. But Dave Collins did not like this eye contact. Like any one else who appear to be close to Pyrah or Pyrah was getting close to, will pay the price.

First, in a mail sent to Pyrah he offended her. later on, he tried to set her up with some construction business in her property. Cory did not bite on the bait. The hollow blocks are still sitting there. The Collins wanted her out claiming her Church should pay for her activities and not the VAP. Cory escaped the humiliation, thanks to the high consideration and trust she enjoys in the club. Something the Collins evaluated carefully and preferred to wait for more favorable weather. But never came, nor will.

Jack Galbryeseth. VAP Manager in Billar.Who is he? I'm about to upload pages from the old ROTARY CLUB OF TAG BILARAN web site where you can "meet him"Jack was sacked by both Collins over in August 2007 in the presence of Derek Pyrah, Norm Miller and Elaine Lytle over a personal matter regarding a relative of Baby Collins.

Nothing to do with the Rotary or Jack's integrity. In the reality, the reason was the spending of quite high amounts for health care to the poor, but peanuts compare to what Collins was spending in "construction". Collins prepared and signed his dismissal letter, showed it to Jack,and let him read it during the regular meeting.

The letter did not mention anything about spending or Rotary matters,but some other reasons that frightened Jack. But never gave it to him. Then, happened exactly what Collins wanted: Jack sent his resignation to the club a week later. I can't disclose the content of this letter without his (Jack's) contentment. It's very personal.He doesn't have email address and I don't know his whereabouts.If anyone knows please contact me To read more about Jack please

yesHarrell Hemingway: VAP Manager in Bignag. Hallelujah!!!!! The most colorful Rotarian you've seen! A Born Again preacher who can heal any pain and illness in the world! just by touching you and praying! But Collin's evil behavior and tactics proved stronger than his prayers and was able to kick Harrell out of the VAP "because he was stealing money" Collins said, he bought a bamboo fence for his house with VAP money. It wasn't true. Collins was intrigued with Harrell's charity org. in the US.

I was present when Collins insisted several times about the funding of his organization but Harrell kept his leaps sealed. Something that frustrated Collins and decided to finish with him. Please note, the VAP funding of this village was limited to a 15 kids day care center and lasted only about 3 months in the year 2005. Not a cent was spent there after Harrell left. Harrell was badly sacked, he left in the US, no one heard from him. But me I would like to hear. Harrell, please, if you read thiscontact me. I know you wanted to tell me something very important you knew about Collins but I avoided the subject. This time I will listen to you carefully.

yesEvan Iliadis. I joined the ROTARY CLUB OF TAGBILARAN March 2004 sponsored by Jack Galbreth who knew about my activities in the community and offered me to expand within the Rotary and with the help of the Rotary. From day one, I become active as a full time job walking the paths of misery under the heat in search of elderly, mentally retarded and children in need.

I brought to the attention of the organization quite a few. Being a well equipped photographer and high tech informatics material I helped the VAP to raise a lot of money trough PPP showcases I established two feeding programs in Songculan, one in the day care another for malnourished small children. Conflicts between me and the Collins risen often in the way to manage the village. They wanted me to provide only what they already had in the house: Rice and sardines. You know the rest of the story, no need to write more.

yesTom Mcallaster. Took over the Village of Songculan in 2005 after Evan's departure in France, until he left in the US in April of 2007. Tom came to my house and talked to me about his attention to join the Rotary. He said he wasn't interested of the social and business club aspect of the org. He wanted a "job" He wanted to serve the community within an org.

I told him he was in the right place even better I offered him to take my village over since I'm living. It was a pleasure to see Tom passing by my house with his lovely wife holding hands visiting my neighbors distributing food. Tom is an extremely discreet gentleman, I don't know what his relationship with Collins was. When I came back in Bohol in June 2007 the Village was totally abandoned. Elderly were starving. I don't really have much to write about Tom. I would like to respect his quite life style, his refusal to get involved deeper in the organization. I think he was right. May be he sow what we didn't. Enjoy your life in the US Tom.

Evan Said: That's a bunch of lies:

There was never 5 VAP villages in Bohol, and not a single one of the 16 in the Southern Philippines Pyrah claims. Maybe you see 5 managers on the Photos but it doesn't mean there was 5 Villages. Read the details.

As for Doljo Village, the only "how to" manual was developed is the one consisting of"how to launder the MG and donations".

Did the district 3860 (Philippines) audited your activities? Who and when? Can you publish their findings? Since you have the full support of this district, why don't you ask the DG Yumi Espina to come to your defence by confirming your statement?

As to those hard working Rotarians you mentioned, I mean us, the managers I want you to remember this: Three of us, Jack Galbreath, Harrel Haiminway and recently myself, were accused by the Collins of misusing VAP money

We have never handled any of the VAP money ourselves. We were advancing our own money for purchasing food and paid by your lieutenant Collins after complaining several times for delaying. How much? I, for my village about 300-400 AU dollars a month. Corry Ann about the same, Jack Galbreath more because his "specialty" was Doctors and hospital expenses, say about 500 a month. Peanuts comparing to thousands every month in the Village of Doljo for construction and other crooked activities.

No one of us participated in the expenses of the Matching Grants spent in bogus pharmaceutical and construction expenses. It was the exclusive domain of the "model village" Doljo. So. Where was the opportunity for us to misuse money?

What Dave and Baby Collins wanted is get rid of us at any price. As they couldn't find legitimate cause defamation was the way to go. Even though all of us combined accounted only 20% of the total spending. But for them was 20% out of their profit. Besides, reading the reports in the VAP web site, it was well understood and digested by the Rotary Community that all action was centered in the Village "model" of Doljo where the Collins are living.

They wanted us out to have the whole VAP budget spent exclusively in this Village where they had full control and profiting huge amounts. Once in a while, they were creating occasional villages "for the picture" and to justify the erection of a dry toilet like Danao and Tawala, and more recently in Tubigon where two new Rotarians are hoping to be VAP trusted lieutenants.




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VAP-ripoff Village aide Program Philippines. Do they look philanthropists to you?
The philanthropists- crooks Take a close look on these photos. Is there any one can contradict my assertion that their appearance has nothing to do with the philantThe Philanthropistshropists? Why they have to look wealthy, glamorous wearing silk gown, tuxedo, bold tie or tie while in a booth pledging money for the poor? Doesn't look to you like a store where we are selling poverty by the kilo to people passing by?


as we know it. Sick and tired of all those "philanthropists" begging us for money for the “poor children in the third world”! They are all over thEVAN ILIADIS ROTARY INTERNATIONAL-VILLAGE AIDE PROGRAM PHILIPPINES VAP-RIP-OFFe web, in the streets, malls, airports, PP presentations in Rotary and other clubs and associations and I'm sure I missed many!. How much of this money will actually reach the destination intended? Dear reader,s not the first time you are reading this. You heard before about crooks in the charities business, don't you? CLICK to read more...

THE TRIAL Conflicts, misunderstanding rivalry exists within any group of people that gather to achieve a common goal, be a club, a church or a fraternity; usually will end uRotary International-Village Aide Program Philippines.The Trialp with the exclusion of one party preserving so the unity of the group, exclusion not always carefully and rightfully planned and executed. The last place you would have expect this to happen is the Rotary International. Is this the first time that happened? We don’t know. Don’t count on Rotary to tell you, neither on active Rotarians. It’s a secret. Click here to read more

You are a new President and don't know how to successfully apply for a MG? (MatchiRotary International-Village Aide Program Philippines Matching Grants on Saleng Grant) The VAP (Village Aide Program) has the best you can find in the org. Top quality, always fresh, certified audited by two Rotary districts, no bugs or defects..And it's free! He will even pay you to apply!. Click to read more

joined the Rotary club of Tagbilaran (RCT for short) sometime in the year 1997-98 -I believe – and began restructuring the club in their own way and tactics to beRotary International-Village Aide Program Philippines
The beginningcome the leaders “the most indispensable members, the ones who will elevate the glory of the RCT to the international level thanks to their connections abroad”  (Both are Americans citizens, Baby Collins did not apply to regain her Filipino citizenship as of the year 2005)Their first task was to get rid of members susceptible ...Click to read more

OTHER PEOPLE MONEY. WHERE IS IT? Let's take a walk through history starting some time in the year 2005 and talk opponents.htmlabout the then DG Bob Richard. I have in my archives a mail he sent to Derek Pyrah making him fuming like an angry dragon. For respect to the PDG I'm not going to publish it although he wasn't the one sent it to me but forwarded by Dave Collins Click to read more

Christopher Bennetts: "I have lived in Cebu for around 3 years and met many of the expats. There are a few good guys here but I hae to say the majority are not worthRotary International-Village Aide program Philippines Christopher Bennetts knowing. Philippines seems to be a refuge for people running away from problems or life in general. People that can not make it back home.hris Bennetts, a Rotarian and president of the Rotary Club of Central Mactan (Cebu island Philippines) As a former Rotarian myself it was natural to pay some attention to this intriguing story" Read more

THE MEDICAL MISSIONS RIP-OFF Touring the Philippines at donors and often Australians taxpayer expenses, shot some videos and go begging for VAP-RIPOFF VILLAGE AIDE PROGRAM bogus medical "For the poor and needy?"Those tourists you see were the only beneficiaries.Two weeks in the Philippines they participated in 4 medical missions for a duration of 4 hours each Click t read more

THE CASATE VILLAGE DROUGHT RELEIF RIP-OFF Some time in the year 2006 Dave Collins and Derek Pyrah were unhappy that not enough money flows on the VAP account in the PhilipVILLAGE AIDE PROGRAM  A former manager's Diary the cassate drought relief operation ripoffpines. This can be demonstrated in several mails exchanged I have in file. In these mails they are looking for ways to increase their income “for the poor and needy” out side the Rotary where apparently the collect didn’t work as they wanted to. The Matching Grand Applications to TRF were slow to produce, too bureaucratic for a Collins as anxious he can be. They decided to seek instant gratification by inventing a Darfour situation in the North of the island in a place named Ubay in the village of Cassate. Click to read more

VillVILLAGE AIDE PROGRAM the story of a scam.AGE AIDE PROGRAM the story of a scam.
A band of crooks the Rotary International shouldbe embarrassed and ashamed.

Recived a mail from Maita Manglapus President of the Rotary Club of Mactan Cebu Philippines. I replied to her with a short comment, but giving it a second thought It deserves more than a few sentences. After all, the president consecrated time to express her opinion in the most  polite manner, I owe her  to reciprocate


The whole thing here was crafted with only one objective: To impress and turn the interested parties attention away from the real isVILLAGE AIDE PROGRAM Vap report to RAWCSsue: Unverifiable crooked numbers. Coloured version of the report, black and white version, quicken generated versions (I was his teacher on this last one!..) General Electric stupid stories, executive version, short version, long versions, kiss my ass version and the like...

Village Aide Program Philippines Volunteers

Derek Pyrah convinced them to come toBohol for the RCT officers' induction but his real reason was, what else, the picture looking at the toilets!. Now youare showing them as volunteers! Mission accomplished..What exactly they did? What they inspected? Does any one of them knows the cost of a toilet?

Village Aide program Philippines Cory Ann Verge Village of Cassate Bohol.

Cory Ann was a member of this club (RCT) and was receiving some financial aide from the VAP for a feeding program she established in the day care of the Cassate village. But the Club disassociated its position from the VAP due to financial anomalies that surfaced from the aid the (VAP) was receiving from the ROTARY INTERNATIONAL individuals and corporations. Read more

Village Aide program Philippines Mrs Sing Story

Any one donating to the charities, what you are about to read in this site is the actions of a few bad apples members of the ROTARY INTERNATIONAL. Hiding the facts isn't doing any good, just will prolong the sin, enrich some to the detriment of others, members and donors losing trust in Rotary in its ability to prevent fraud through the Matching Grants process to the clubs.

Village Aide Program Philippines the Managers

Derek Pyrah said: