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Disagreements, differences in opinions and management can happen in any organization created for profit or not. But very few refused to take no for an answer, choosing instead to intimidate and harassing those who disagree. Derek Pyrah and dismissed, former Rotarian Dave Collins did exactly that, and continue to do so, even though it's all gone but the kitchen sink...

Let's take a walk through history starting some time in the year 2005 and talk about the then DG Bob Richard. I have in my archives a mail he sent to Derek Pyrah making him fuming like a angry dragon. For respect to the PDG I'm not going to publish it although he wasn't the one sent it to me but forwarded by Dave Collins. However, I will post his (Derek's) hoping he will provide us with some answers.

As you know, PDG Bob Richard expressed his total opposition and unhappiness about VAP activities within the Rotary. Pyrah managed to keep this matter under wraps - as we'll read soon in his mail- or at least he thought so. Let's go to his mail now. Click here please The first thing one will notice is he's talking about "perceived problems" with the VAP projects, next you recommend " I would ask that between now and then no one on our committee says anything in public about the past problems. As this may undermine the efforts of DGE Pat".

Derek Pyrah, sol proprietor and ruler of the VAP (his board being just marionettes), I have some questions and demanding answers: " The information I have, PDG Bob Richard is one of the most respected Rotarian in AU. What triggered his firm and irrevocable opposition to your projects? His letter is clear, he's not talking about "perception" but reflects to more than that.

The meeting you are talking about "to resolve your differences" did not lead to any positive conclusion if only the RAWCS granted you a probation status, decision very much criticized. The RC of Corrimal stood up firm in their position, many others PDG and PP felt their first impression being the best not willing to change it a single inch. In the next mail you sent you are barely enthusiastic about the outcome, same for Mary Spark from the RC of Corrimal.

If DG Bob Richard renounced to his crusade is because you intimidated him through your Lawyers, your favorite method of retaliation. look at this mail sent June 7th 2005. I first noticed, no word as to who was present in the meeting. I have more than one mail from AU where they do not share not even your moderate enthusiasm, Mary Sparks is just one of many. Which bring us to the RC of Corrimal, your club at the time.

Back in March 2008 I already informed the readers about Pyrah's behavior and strong opposition of the majority of the RC of Corrimal members to his activities here.No amount of bullish tactics would change the opinion of those members on Pyrah's crooked activities. Running out of options, he decided to do two things: He sent me this mail to remove any mention, any word sounding RC Corrimal from the RC of Tagbilaran web site being the web master. Click to see the red carpet treatment of Derek to his club

Then he and Adriana end up resigning from this "hostile" club. Meanwhile, Many defected the "committee" and in a spectacular move Barry Blundel , one of the most convinced VAP board member threw the towel in a protest regarding Pyrah's way of "wiring" money to Collins (In his own pocket!) and also on a lousy bookkeeping from Collins.

The RC of Corrimal knew about this but who was president at that time? Lieutenant Norm miller! A big round of applause please!!! Then he (Miller) resigned also when my revelations confronted him with the lies "and crimes against Rotary" But let's be objective, Derek still has supporters in the RC of Corrimal. The most devoted is the seated President Ann Baumber.

Hello Ann! Do you remember me? In 2005 you made a bogus "survey" in my Village of Songculan. Together with Adriana and some others you made a lot of noise around disturbing the population giving them hope that something big is about to happen; May be a slicing bread machine will be installed in the barangay office... At the end, you and Adriana you distributed some free samples of soap you brought from AU plus some tooth brushes, collected the "survey" papers and left. Then, you went back next year and this year too. We can see you in the VAP web site witnessing the signing of "good samaritan forms" by the 90 years old recipients of rice and sardines, and also as a "volunteer " to the new "vocational center"

(By the way what exactly was your contribution to this project?) Dear Ann, I always wondering, how your boss with a such a humanitarian record omitted to compensate you with a PHF award? Some got it for less than that! Is not fair, I'm sure Derek will correct that after reading this and take care of you... Let me know Ok? And if things come to worst, you can always have mine!.

Here comes a message for you Derek.If you have a little bit of decency, honesty and fair playing manners left on you, please go to your web site and remove Governor's Fenwick photo above. No one in Australia doubts what was behind his decision to end his Rotary career "for personal reasons" You dishonored him, you exposed him by bringing him in the Philippines to the crooks' house, betrayed him, used him. That's all for the moment about Governor Fenwick. I will come back later with more on this matter.

And Barry Blundell? I met with him in Somgculan and got an excellent impression of his integrity and straight forward way of talking and doing things. What was the reason you insulted him? And in Cebu? Give us a reason why those Rotarians are claiming you are crooks? It was not long ago, just the DISCON 2007. What a difference a year make... All it takes is a dream team and there we go again... History repeats its self? Chassed out from Bohol found refuge in Cebu? Not as long as I'm alive! I'll make sure you are out of there too!

In a few days I will walk you through the report Dave Collins prepared for the RAWCS. You'll read about long, reports, short reports, with and without graphs, colored, black and white, audited and not audited, depends who's receiving it. Needless to say Collins scripted it as a piece of art for Len Bolden's eyes!..


Dead or alive! The VAP offers an unspecified amount (Dollars? Pesos? or a generous Matching Grant?) for capturing this traitor for "his courage and bravery"(The quoted words come from DG Yumi Espina I have the supporting document.) for making public VAP's crooked businessIn his mail, the Governor goes on saying:

"I hope all of us will learn from this experience and strive to conduct ourselves in a manner befitting a true Rotarian".I'm not sure about the sincerity of your statement. Looking at the recent events and your actions it seems you are sacrificing the truth in exchange of the unity -as ill, hypocritical and superficial may be- in exchange of a few dollars some clubs in your district may (or may not!) receive. Time will tell.

I think Yumi there is better school of learning how the first world is functioning than my writings and revelations. A good source of inspiration is the Rotarians on the left side on your screen,including those described without their photo, (Including the critiques in Cebu) and many others PP and PDG I don't want to expose.

You need to learn, the Rotary is not the Cosa Nostra or the Sicilian mafia where crimes are patched in the name of the unity or fear of retaliation. In any organization using public funds. (What else are funds donated by the public?) There are four essential rules always members and leaders should scrupulously observe and abide by: Transparency,Transparency, Transparency and Transparency!

As for your interpretation of the 4 ways test I would write mine several times, as many Rotarians are in the world, none will come close to remind me I have an obligation to remain silent in front of a massive fraud committed by some in Bohol.

Yes, we all learned from this experience, but not in the way you portrayed it. Some want justice to prevail, in the name of spiritual, moral and philosophical conciderations will go all the way to the end, others don't care to be photographed and the photo be published with a misleading capture on. Is just a matter of choice..

Have a nice day Yumi.





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VillAGE AIDE PROGRAM the story of a scam.
A band of crooks the Rotary International should be embarrassed and ashamed.

Recived a mail from Maita Manglapus President of the Rotary Club of Mactan Cebu Philippines. I replied to her with a short comment, but giving it a second thought It deserves more than a few sentences. After all, the president consecrated time to express her opinion in the most  polite manner, I owe her  to reciprocate


The whole thing here was crafted with only one objective: To impress and turn the interested parties attention away from the real issue: Unverifiable crooked numbers. Coloured version of the report, black and white version, quicken generated versions (I was his teacher on this last one!..) General Electric stupid stories, executive version, short version, long versions, kiss my ass version and the like...

Village Aide Program Philippines Volunteer

Derek Pyrah convinced them to come toBohol for the RCT officers' induction but his real reason was, what else, the picture looking at the toilets!. Now youare showing them as volunteers! Mission accomplished..What exactly they did? What they inspected? Does any one of them knows the cost of a toilet?

Village Aide program Philippines Cory Ann Verge Village of Casste Bohol.

Cory Ann was a member of this club (RCT) and was receiving some financial aide from the VAP for a feeding program she established in the day care of the Cassate village. But the Club disassociated its position from the VAP due to financial anomalies that surfaced from the aid the (VAP) was receiving from the ROTARY INTERNATIONAL individuals and corporations. Read more

Village Aide program Philippines Mrs Sing Story

Any one donating to the charities, what you are about to read in this site is the actions of a few bad apples members of the ROTARY INTERNATIONAL. Hiding the facts isn't doing any good, just will prolong the sin, enrich some to the detriment of others, members and donors losing trust in Rotary in its ability to prevent fraud through the Matching Grants process to the clubs.

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