But something isn't clear here: I received the mail below from someone who wanted to spare the reputation of the ROTARY CLUB OF CENTRAL MACTAN and went out of his way to claim that Chris Bennetts was nothing else than a bad apple and the RCCM shouldn't suffer the consequences. I congratulated this gentleman on his dedication to the Rotary's reputation and assured him that I'm looking to send the president of this club in jail and not to tarnish his club reputation. Indeed, I updated the pages of the "helparrestchrisbennetts.org" web site and remove all mentions referring to Chris as the president of this club.

But down the road and after I exchanged some more emails I was convinced that this rotarian had a different agenda of the one he tried to show me with the mail bellow. A Machiavellian, one of the third type kind .... I put the case on the "wait and see" mode and moved forward with the trial in Bohol.

Yesterday, July 27th I received another mail that I will disclose the author. Dave West, past master send me the second mail in line below which isn't clear what was his motivations, which under different ciecumstances I would have ask him:"Dave what are you smoking?" But instead, I sent him a polite mail offering to be more precise on his inquiry and I'll help him.He never replied.

Now, was Dave West awary of Chris's update on the RCCM official web site on July 25th just two days before send me the mail? , I think it's important to know. How one can explain, the club terminated his (Chris Bennetts) membership January 1st 2009, Dave West mentioned him on the mail sent to me yasterday as "Past Rotarian Mr Chris Bennetts" and at the same time Chris appear on the web site as the spiritual leader of the club the one who's foot prints is all over this site giving lectures and instructions to the members and others? Mystery? No is not! Dave Collins was also kicked out of the ROTARY CLUB OF TAGBILARAN but he still signs as "Dave RC of tagbilaran". He (Collins) may feel that the court has to decide if his eviction was legal or not. Not the Roray. So may be Chris Bennetts feels the same? It's Jerry Springer show all over again!!...

Here come the mails:


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