The vengeance of hate mongers

ByEvan Iliadis former Rotarian member of the Rotary Club of Tagbilaran

Withno more ammunitions left and while all indications pointing to an end ofthe guerilla, I was planning to close down this web site when word came from Bohol that the gang opened another front, this time counting not on Rotary for the logistics,but on the legal system. The opportunity -or what they thought was one -camefrom the pen of Luella "Baby"Bantol, then President of the club. Inorder to set the record straight and prevent the terminated members of stillacting as

rotarians in good standing, she sent an e-mail to all presidents in the district 3860 informing them the following:

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Anything wrong with that? Apparently not.I would say ...Almost. It's now about time to reply to this fellow who was "shocked"to see my name included on this mail. Indeed, it is shocking and this fellow donot understand why I did not join the other three on the complain because, ashe put it, "you Evan have been libeled also, You should be mad at your club, I can't understandwhy you are against the gang and sympathetic to the club and the President". First,let me take the satan out of here and tell this fellow that all he does fromday one on this matter, is sneaking in trying to capitalize, as a confirmed merchantof the temple he is. He's not acting on ideology or as a concerned citizen, buthoping on a material profit by maneuvering left to the right and top to the bottom.

But others in Australia have seen it (the mail) also and commented with mixed signals, clear enough for me not to pretend I did not receive any. Here is myresponse: I knew that my membership was terminated as soon as this happened, notfrom a notification received by the club but from others. This club- and others in the 3860 district- have never notified a single member about histermination, systematically ignored the Rotary bylaws and proceedings in terminatingmembers. It was even worst during David and Baby Collins tenure as presidents.Not only they did not notify members of their termination but let them come tothe meetings thinking they were still members!.. Asfar as I am concerned, I didn't really care much, I wasn't living in the Philippinesanymore, I wasn't planning to join a club here in France, I did not pay my duesand most important, how should I expect to continue being a member of this organizationas I am in full disagreement about its ethics and morals when it comes to disclosureof wrong doing by its members? Remember,I began this crusade against the crooks a month after received the PHF awardand as a member in good standing within the ROTAY CLUB OF TAGBILARAN. I did notbuy the award it was paid for me by the VAP.

You can now understand how much I cared about my membership don't you? Further more, it came as a relieve to me and felt free to express myself in the most personal way, tell the story as I thought was right, not what Rotary and Rotarians wanted to hear. (Actually not to hear....) Besides, I have never linked my personal interest professional or spiritual with Rotary making the separation painless and irrelevant, the termination of my membership did not have any negative effect in my life, as opposed to the Collins that lost big, for linking their fortune and future in making money from the Rotary, thinking this could go on for ever.

I immediately changed my statuswhen addressing Rotary and Rotarians to "former Rotarian" and begansending mails with a new e-mail address ",I have never criticized or addressed the club on this matter and avoided polemicbehavior with most members,with exception to collaborators and VAP followers receiving "special" reports. About twomonths ago, to the request of the President Angelito Lechago, I correcteda technical issue on this web site that I wasn't aware, with a clear statementon the home page that "The Rotary Club of Tagbilaran is notinvolved or associated in any way with this web site etc".

So? what prompted PP Luella Bantol when informedthe district about the termination of the Collins and Deo Dioscoro to includemy name in this mail? To avoid discrimination? That's really laughable!... Well,I'll give you the answer.
PP Luella Bantol is not the editor of this mail. Itwas the attorney of the club and know all guy who handled club's strategy aftermy revelations and the failed assault the club was under from allover the district, plus the international gang that flew to the rescue of thecrooks. The attorney of the club-a member as well - was the one that back inOctober 2007 and only a few days after the explosion of my bombshell on the RCof Tagbilaran web site he prepared a mail under thesword of Derek Pyrah (click to see it) " dissociating"the club's position from me stopping short of writing the word "disapproving",as Pyrah requested.
Derek pyrah, made sure it was sent toevery single club in AU by doing the job himself. Further more, the attorneyinstructed all members of the club to distance themselves from me and restrainthemselves of communicating with me, not even visiting the web site, leaving themeven more terrorized and confused. How he can explain that not a single member,including him, having no doubt about the truthfulness and integrity of myaccusations, (which it was his job as an auditor officer of the club to investigatein the first place), adopted such a childish strategy that ultimately lead toa disaster for the club jeopardizing the positive public image Victor and LuellaBantol are enjoying in the community?

Bring the bottle please!...

Soon to come: How club's strategy to dealwith the crooks failed, instead of being the accusers they end up as the defendants.This trial is not only about money. It's about vengeance, it's about highranking Rotarians scapegoaingt othersto save their asses. They chose PP Luella Bantol to be the scapegoat.Stay tuned, be patient you'll know more....


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