Terminating Rotarian's membership

Who decide on the legality of a Rotarian's termination? The Rotary or a Court of Law? Who ever does, doing the laundry "a la Fran├žaise", known to the world for its cathartic properties will be beneficial to all.....

By Evan Iliadis former Rotarian member of the Rotary Club of Tagbilaran liadisevan@yahoo.fr

So, they (plaintive) wanted the club to be tender with their exclusion discretely and sans noise, almost didn't request a farewell ceremony in compensation for their thousands of dollars scam. but it didn't happen this way. Now, as you'll go through the evidence presented by the parties, you'll notice the Collins don't really have much to present for making a solid case; some PHF awards that Derek Pyrah purchased for him and his wife at the cost $1000 each, they got 7 of these "awards" paid by Pyrah with donors' money, Because of this lucrative transaction that profited the RI, the latest awarded him the "service above self award" lack of existing a self service award which they deserved instead. So he's counting on witness -mostly Rotarians to advance his case. Oh! suddenly,Bernard Madoff came to my mind. He too had plenty of awards from top sitting guys. It looks like the more con artist you are the better chances you have to be awarded.

The accused has plenty to show. Everything taken from my allegations to the crooks as I first published on the ROTARY CLUB OF TAGBILARAN web site.Can this be a vindication? Ironically yes! But they are using my discoveries as being the defendants and not the plaintive as it should be!. That's the sad part. The good thing is, thanks to this trial, the TRF comes out naked, in full disturbing contradiction, careless, giving to the critiques plenty to think about, and with no exaggeration a certain level of corruption among the MG decision makers. Lets take a look in the complain. The document below is a window within the window and has its own scroll bars. Click the mouse inside the COMPLAIN document and scroll to see all the pages. or if you prefer click here to view it on a sepatate window.






below you can read a summary of the evidences and a partial list of witness that in due time we'll make their testimony available to you.

I will interrupt momentarily and for a few days the trial editing to bring you some new information regarding Chris Bennets and his recent interventions.

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